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Welcome to the Highland Arts Visitors' Book. Please browse through the messages that our visitors have left here. The most recent message is shown at the top. If you would like to leave your own message, please click the leave message button. We look forward to your contribution.
Highland Arts Visitors' Book
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Date Name Country Message
29 Dec 08 Carlton Colquhoun USA Long time no see, Duncan, write when you've time. Care to try horseback riding again as we did in '78 in Omak?? Champagne not quite chilled enough, old boy!! C. Colquhoun, 18 Riesling Loop, Reno, Nevada, 89512
22 Sep 08 darlene yvette adam east rinding of yorkshire i visted your lovely shop on the 5th of september this year at luss you had such a lovely renege of gifts i hope to get back to see you soon love from yvette
26 Aug 08 Donald Graham scotland Funny Neil from Scotland who can't even be bothered to capitalise his name nor construct a sentence makes a stupid comment like he has. My mother always taught me if you can't find anything good or constructive to say SHUT UP. Many thousands of people have visited that place over the years and while it aint my cup of tea I'm not on holiday here. I live in the area. Every souvineer shop in the world is like this place. People just want to take a wee something back. I imagine Neil you have never left the UK. Good Luck to Highland Arts
3 Aug 08 Val & Helena England Hi we visited your wonderful shop and had a great time looking at the different gifts to choose from it was hard to make up our minds as you have a vast selection. now i have discovered your on-line shop i can still shop for gifts . Thank-you.
21 Jul 08 Dorothy and Scott Kay South Africa We recently visited your shop in Seil and tasted the lovely shortbread and fudge kindly offered to us by your friendly staff. My family were delighted with the heather gem jewellery we bought them as gifts. we met Ron again in Inverary and had a quick chat with him. I will recommend your shop to any of our friends visiting Oban or the surrounding areas. Thank you for your wonderful hospitality. Kindest regards, Dorothy Kay
10 Apr 08 Tracey Ketterer Australia As a child I used to frequent the art gallery with the late C J Taylors grandaughter, I have taken away long lasting memorys of a kind and gentle man with an exquizite eye for art and inteligent mind in buisness afterall i have carried thease memorys into my adulthood. I hope to visit there again sometime in the not so far future.
16 Mar 08 anna and joyce stoke love the shop and the friendly staff are so helpful , but i do miss that young santa claus , every year my friend and i come with the hope he has returned but after five years idont hold much hope ,we arent getting any younger,and he made our day with his naughty yo-hos and his lovely blue eyes,im afraid this year will probarbly be our last to your beautiful island we never tire of listening and admiring your wonderful shop and your lovely fudge, which may i say always reminds me of your silly but quite humorous gags, take care and god willing we will see you all again this christmas ,
26 Jan 08 Anon UK Bet Duncan doesn't 'catch' Coke cans off the jetty any longer to entertain the tourists as he did circa 1982.
31 Dec 07 JOHN LINTON United Kingdom Looking forward to meeting you in September 2008,definetly looking forward to staying in Morveen Lodge since last visiting via Highland Heritage tours
13 Nov 07 j. buster scotland great place johnny, see you next year. wont be eating over the road though, know what i mean...
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